Install Guide for CR Touch Ender 3 v2 

Creality Official Firmware:

Community Firmware: [Please always double check firmware is correct for your mainboard]


Q: Probe off-set seem to change between prints.

A: In your GCODE, we suggest you home your printer once you bed has heated up to temperature so the probe off-set will be same between each print, as temperature of bed could affect the probe-set value. Similar you should only start bed leveling after bed has heated. 

Install Video:

Setup CR Touch Z off-set

Another Beginner Video to Setup Z off-set 

Z-Probe Wizard: (8:28-9:00)

Advance Guide: (Custom Wiring)

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Note: Our tech support team have verify the wiring is correct on our SKR1.4 and SKR2 and SKR E3 V2.0

CableCreality v4.2.2SKR 1.4SKR 2

Please always verify pin out from probe, not base off colour wiring as stock cable loom from Creality may change and colour sequence may be flip or different.